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Right, well, one of my flatmates is moving out of our 3-bed flat at the end of January. I'm looking for someone else to take his place, so pass the message along if you know someone needing to move, willya?

Details are:
It's in Walthamstow, about halfway between Blackhorse Rd station and Walthamstow Central.
It was newly renovated when we first moved in (just under a year ago) so it's generally in pretty good nick.
Rent is £550 per month, all bills inclusive - you just need to put in for your share of the food.
There is Sky TV, (wifi) broadband internet and home phone as part of the deal.
The room isn't particularly big but does have one of those triple door IKEA wardrobes in there, so there's plenty of storage space!

So, if this sounds like an option, or you know someone who could handle living with me, ping me!
Cheers guys.
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I will be moving into my new flat in Walthamstow!

It should happen soon - I've just received the keys today, and when the flat is finally completed, and the furniture put in, I will be moving!

So, I now need to find two people to move in with me. I still haven't got any definites, although I've had a couple of interested prospectives. If anyone is needing to move soon, let me know. You can come and have a look around and ask questions. I've decided to make the rent all inclusive - internet, phone, TV, bills, council tax, everything.

Ping me if you're interested!


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