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Apr. 16th, 2012 01:43 pm
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Woot! I have a new job! I keep doing naked squee-filled dances around my room at random moments. :-)

I just put in my notice today. This time next month, I'm going to be working in the Royal Academy of Engineering. I'm so excited!
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It''s time for my monthly reminder to myself of all the reasons I have to be happy and grateful. Everyone who has met me will know that I'm a pretty cheerful person and this is one way I try to ensure that continues. I reckon everyone should do this, it would make the world a much better place.

Top 10 Reasons to be Happy:

1)  I have a wonderful family - and I'm particularly close to my sister (I'm so proud of my little sis!).
2) My friends are really lovely.
3) I quite enjoy my job, and I'm good at it.
4) I have a comfortable lifestyle with the amount of money I earn. I have no financial difficulties.
5) I see my parents regularly and we try to have dinner together at least once a week.
6) I've been told I'm attractive, and I have no real hold ups about my appearance (except when reaching those top cupboards...!)
7) I'm currently enjoying reading three (very) different books. It's all stirring my creative juices...
8) I live in a comfy flat (especially my bed - I love my bed!)
9) I have an active (and pleasurable) social life. (^.^)
10) I'm alive! Just the odds against that alone are astronomical.

Bonus: Most important of all, is that I know how lucky I am. Many people feel stressed and unhappy mostly because they don't really consider just how lucky their life really is. I don't really want to change anything with my life - although if a rich, handsome gentleman would like to come sweep me off my feet, I won't complain! (^.^)

So here is my challenge to everyone: write a list of your own. Let the world know why you're happy!


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