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Aug. 31st, 2009 01:40 am
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Came up with an idea for a (rather complicated) new game tonight! Oh, and if you are religious and easily offended, you might want to wander away (^.^)
Here is a basic overview of the many ideas from many people - with thanks to Nile, Tom, Chris, Susan, I hereby present:

Revelisation! Like Civilisation but religious!

Goal: to build the most powerful religion and take over a country (or destroy it!). You win when you own 75% of all the population, 25% of all the money, all four ministries of the government (for 2 rounds), if you have the most followers after 10 rounds, or by unleashing armageddon on all the other players.
Played with 3 sets of cards, a d6 die, 'institution' tiles and several types of small counters.

Doctrine - 'Core' and 'Fringe'. Some are Anathema to others.
Events - eg. miracles, schisms, holy wars, Zealot sucide bombings, Inquisitions, Ecumenicism (merging two religions),  Synod, mass suicide etc
Actions - eg. Revelation! (reveal face down doctrine cards), assassinations, sue your enemies, kidnapping, discredit a preacher (sexually, theologically or via bankruptcy after being sued), own a Representative, Theological Confusion (opponent plays all doctrine cards in hand face up), owns WMD, Copycat (pick a discarded Event or Action card to play) etc

Institution tiles:
Government ministries (education, defence, justice, treasury) - if own all, can win game
Media (TV, advertising, radio, Newspapers) - if own all, +2 likelihood of success
Military (airforce, navy, infantry, artillery) - if own all, overthrows gov. (all politicians neutralised)

Population - by hundred, thousand or million; starts in the central 'body bank'. These can be neutral, Followers or Zealots.
Representatives - Politicians, journalists, soldiers. 6 politicians, 3 journalists or 3 soldiers = one arm of an institution.
Currency - by $m. These start off in the treasury.


Each doctrine can be played face up (a public doctrine - all 'Core' cards must be played face up) or face down (Secret Doctrine of the Inner Elect). They will have + or - modifiers, which also depends on if they are 'public' or 'secret'.
Each action or event card played has a consequence - 'costs' involved, and a resulting benefit. They also have a likelihood of success, and the player must roll the die to find out if they managed it. They can 'buy' a higher chance of success.

Each player has a Follower pile, a Zealot pile, Doctrines, Representative counters and a currency stack.

The discarded Doctrine pile is face down. The discarded Events and Actions pile is face up.

In the first round, everyone draws 5 doctrines. They can discard up to 3 and draw to replace them.
After that, everyone draws 1 of each type of card in each round and can play as many doctrines in a go as they like, but only one Event or Action card a go.
You can steal ('Convert') another religion's followers, but if you take all their remaining followers, you must also absorb three of their doctrines, taken at random.
A player can 'buy' a Representative. There can only be 3 (or 6) Reps per element of an institution. Therefore, if someone else already owns two Reps in, say, Newspapers, you can only 'buy' your way into one more. You can knock out another player's Rep by blackmail, kidnapping, assassination, etc.

If a religion has no Followers and no Representatives, it reaches the status of a cult. If the cult player has already played the 'Suicide is the way to Paradise' doctrine card face up, and holds the cards 'Mass suicide' plus Armegeddon, plus at least one of the 'Owns WMD', it automatically wins.
There are 10 rounds before the country reaches 'Religious Tolerance' and the game ends. If the game has not been won prior to this, at that point all populations are counted up and the player with the most Followers wins.

These are just the basic rules - if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to get in touch. We are creating this as we go!


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